Thursday, February 11, 2010

{Day 4 of the Ultimate Fasting Cleanse}

Today was a very productive FUN day! I met with Summer & Autumn at Tempe Marketplace to catch up and talk about our trip to Big Bear tomorrow! We are so excited to have a little getaway with the Goodan's. They are great friends, great company! Elora is SO much bigger then Autumn and Autumn is 3 months older. Elora is just a big chunk of LOVE. 

After visiting with Summer & Autumn, Brandon text me to meet him at work for lunch since I was already in the area. Nice little surprise! After visiting with Brandon, Elora and I went to Chandler Mall to walk around and shop a bit=) (I'll have to tell you what I bought after Valentine's Day in case Brandon reads this LOL

Anyways, I feel really good today! Almost done with this cleanse! So far, I would highly recommend it. I have to admit, I weighed myself this morning before we left for the day and I weighed 205.6 lbs. So I'm down 4 lbs since Monday when I first started the cleanse. I can't wait until I get under 200 lbs! I'm oh so excited!!!

I will keep you posted tomorrow before we leave to Big Bear for the weekend!


Mommy A

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  1. Great job (on the clease)...I admire your will power! :)