Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{Day 3 of the Ultimate Fasting Cleanse}

Day 3! This is the hump! I am doing great and feeling fantastic! I'm getting used the the routine of taking my vitamins morning, afternoon and in the evenings. I had two very good bowel movements today. I feel light as a feather! Haha! Two more days to go!

I didn't get to do my long walk today with Elora because it was starting to rain as I was walking around our neighborhood. I had to haul butt back home because the rain started coming down harder. I barely made it on time before it came down like crazy! Since I didn't get to walk, I did 20 mins on the elliptical. I was aiming for 30 minutes, but Elora needed my attention =)

I have Elora's things packed up for our Big Bear trip this weekend! We are very excited to be spending Valentine's Day weekend in Big Bear with our good friends and their Daughter, Elora's BFF. It will be good times for sure! I will have photos up next week.

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