Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Without further a'dieu... I'm PREGNANT!

That's right folks, Elora will be a big sister this coming November. We are so excited about this new journey we will embark in. It's going to be very challenging, but so amazing!

Tonight was our very first appointment with our Mid-wife Stephanie. We arrived at 6pm and I was greeted with a big hug from Jen who is Stephanie's Apprentice. I haven't seen her since I was pregnant with Elora. She wasn't able to stay for our appointment, but she will be at our next one. We sat down, got comfortable and Elora found her little area with tons of treasures to keep her busy. Stephanie asked how I was feeling and I told her that I think I'm feeling okay? I mentioned my sinus infection that I'm still trying to get over and the fact that I'm HUNGRY ALL the time! She said that because this is my second pregnancy, I should expect to feel things sooner (which I have been) that explains a lot. For the past couple of weeks, I thought I was over exaggerating my feelings, but now I know I'm not crazy.

We decided on what blood tests to do and figured out the finances. She said that we could try to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat, but because I'm so early on there's only a 2% chance that we'll be able to hear it with the doppler. She said not to be disappointed or worried if we don't hear anything this time. Before I hopped onto the comfy bed, I went to the bathroom and did my urine test. I love that *I* get to see the results, so awesome! I just need to drink more water during the day. I reported back to Stephanie then got onto the bed and lifted up my shirt so she could use the doppler. The room was silent aside from the slooshing sounds from the doppler. She said that once she heard something FOR SURE, then she would give us the look. She moved it around a little bit then there it was... She looked at me with eyes bright and wide! WE HEARD THE BABY'S HEARTBEAT!!! Clear as day! Sounds so strong *tear* 7 weeks and 5 days STRONG! She said it sounds like it could be a boy, but don't get mad at her if it's a girl =) Either way, as long as baby is healthy, we will be happy! She took my blood pressure and it was normal. The top number was slightly elevated, but she said it could be because of the excitement of hearing baby's heartbeat. Stephanie tried to draw blood, but my veins weren't out enough. I didn't drink enough water before my appointment, plus I have thick skin!

We spent the whole hour in her office and the time went by so fast. I just love LOVE having my prenatal care with a midwife. It's total night and day compared to an OB office. I'm really looking forward to this new journey =) Will definitely keep you posted!

Hugs & Kisses,