Saturday, January 23, 2010

{Weekend wonders}

This is Daddy Padilla taking over the blog, albeit for this single entry, but who knows? maybe more down the line...

Well it is Saturday morning, we woke up around 5am (well I should say I woke up around 5 am) because Elora got a little rumbly in her tummy.  After she ate we fell back asleep til around 8 or so when she delightfully woke us up from our slumber and started talking away (in her baby language of course).  Perfect cue for starting a cup of coffee to get the day going.  I made Angela a cup of Hyssop tea because she said she wasn't feeling too great, she hates the flavor of Hyssop but it's so good for you!

I look forward to these weekends where I get to stay home with the fam.  working and being away so long from everyone gets depressing at times, especially when Elora rolls on her back for the first time and I miss it!  I think Elora is starting to get the hang of everything around her, she knows who we are now and I can tell shes getting the knack of trying to put everything she can grab in her mouth... yuck! =)

Well this week was Angela's 24'th bday, and although it wasn't her ideal scenario staying home with just her and little Elora I think it turned out good for the most part.  I tricked her out when I got off work pretending I had to stay late fixing someones desktop and she was pretty angry because she wanted to go get her nails done.  In actuality I was driving up north to Scottsdale to pick up her special ordered Sacher Torte that I found out about and just had to get one made for her from AJ's marketplace.  While there I picked up a single rose and a single balloon that says 'Happy Birthday!'  (Inside joke on the balloon)...  What sucked was on the way home from Scottsdale I ran into a horde of traffic, which fueled Angela's frustration even more because it was taking me that much longer to get home.  I called the nail place she loves and the lady said they close at 7, I did the unthinkable at that moment... I convinced the owner of the nail place to come back after they close saying it was my wife's birthday and all she wanted was to get her nails done (manicure and pedicure of course!)  The owner agreed and said she would come back when I gave her a call on her cell phone as she only lived a min away.  We ended up getting there close to 8 and left near 10, wow such great service! being willing to come in for extra 2 hours just for one person was pretty damn cool.  After we left we were trying to decide if we should go out to dinner but being it was so late and Angela's favorite restaurant the Cheesecake Factory closed at 11 we decided to venture to Jack in the Box instead.  2 breakfast jacks and one chicken pita snack later and we were home watching a movie, Elora fast asleep in the bed and Angela and I sleeping on the couch not even halfway through the movie (whoops!) I guess next time I will have to request the day off from work so we can spend the day doing everything and anything her heart desires. :-)

Well breakfast is ready.  Angela whipped up some leftover Cheesecake Factory with eggs (yes we went last night instead)

- Until next time... maybe


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