Monday, January 25, 2010

{Monday Madness!!!!!.....}

Okay, not really. It's been a pretty mellow Monday. Brandon is not feeling well so he's playing the "sick" card with me. He can't do anything because he's sick. I told him "well just because you're sick doesn't mean you stop being a Daddy!" Then he runs off to change Elora's diaper, good boy=)

I hope he fights off whatever it is that's trying to take over his body! We don't need any sickness in our home! We have made it thus far with none of us getting sick so let's keep this healthy marathon going! I religiously take my prenatal vitamins everyday still. I think that's helped me a lot with staying healthy during sick season. It's funny when men get sick, they are total babies!

I have to admit, I was lazy today. I didn't clean like I wanted to. Elora and I just lounged around, took some photos and lounged some more. Lazy Monday indeed. But these are the kind of days that I love. Where nothing is bothering me and I can just be..a Mommy. Elora is smiling like crazy nowadays, it's heartwarming. I can't seem to make her laugh like Brandon does. I'm a bit jealous, but it's okay that's his "thing" with her. He can make her laugh so hard too! Whenever he takes her in the room to change her diaper I hear him talking to her and all of a sudden she just laughs so hard! It makes me laugh haha. 

BREAKING NEWS: Elora rolled over from her back to belly today! The other day she rolled over from belly to back! She is officially a rolly polly olly! I now have a mobile baby! WATCH OUT! Time to baby-proof the whole house!

Check out some of the photos I took of Elora today. She apparently wanted to do more "serious" photos since she didn't bust a big smile for me! Oh well, they still came out beautiful as always=)

My baby girl is starting to sit up on her own now! Two days shy of 4 months.. WOW! Bittersweet...

Today is my Mom's Birthday! Elora's Grandmama! I'm sad we couldn't celebrate with her, but I sent her a little surprise in the mail! (It's a custom calendar of Elora's photos hehe) She should get it by tomorrow. We tried to send it to get to her today, but missed the time frame. Our next big road trip is BIG BEAR for Valentine's weekend with our good friends, The Goodan's! We are so excited! I ordered Elora some little boots for the occasion. She needed some warm boots because it's going to be COLD! I got them from so I got a great deal=)

Time to wrap up the night here at the Padilla house. Until next time...

Mommy A

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