Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{21+3 = Twenty Four!}

Twenty-four years ago my Mom and Dad were eating at Denny's, munching on some nachos when my Mom's water broke! 9 hours later an Angel was born! Haha JK, I was born!! At 9am, weighing 8lbs, 8oz. What's funny is that Brandon weighed the same at birth too! Aw we were just meant to be! =)

So today is my 24th birthday. I don't have any special plans. I took Elora for a doctor's appointment to meet Dr. Martin in Maricopa. He has an office in Gilbert and so many of my Mama friends have referred me to him. He just recently opened a Pediatrics office in Maricopa, YAY! =) We love him! He was very nice and he doesn't make you feel stupid, like most doctors seem to do. I felt very comfortable with him. We decided to wait on getting Elora any vaccines. We are doing the "delayed" schedule. I was supposed to get her vaccines twice already, but when we get to the appointment I freak out and decide to wait longer. I don't know, I'm just afraid of the reaction she might have to it. I want her immunity to be super strong to fight off any reactions she could have. 

My Mom and Dad were supposed to come visit for my birthday, but my Mom couldn't get the time off. I wish we could win the lottery so my parents can retire. They have worked so hard for so long now. And they have supported me through thick and thin. 

It's been fun hanging out with Elora today. It's my first birthday with my baby girl! Now that's something to celebrate! We had a mini photo shoot with my blackberry camera haha =)

I'm looking forward to seeing Brandon today after he gets off of work. I wish he had the day off to spend with us! Let's see what tonight holds for me=)

Mommy A

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