Friday, December 18, 2009

We'll be comin' round the mountain here we come! YEEHAW!

I'm so excited to be leaving to San Diego this evening for a week and a half! Wee! We will be celebrating Elora's very FIRST Christmas! Although she probably won't remember it, we will definitely make it extra special and catch it all on video and capture photos for her to see later.

I am shocked on how much you need to pack for a little 3 month old! WOW! Her stuff is taking over our whole car! Haha, okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but still WOW! And we don't want to forget anything either! I've had weeks to pack and plan so I'm 100% sure we won't forget anything!

This time of the year I miss San Diego. My heart will always be in San Diego, but now we have established a beautiful life in Arizona. We had to sacrifice being close to family moving here, but I think it makes us appreciate our family more being far away. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". I firmly believe that quote. 

Alright my loves, time to get ready to go! I will be back with lots of photos and memories in a week! If I'm not back on here before Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours on this beautiful Holiday! 


Mommy A

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