Monday, December 7, 2009

It's definitely WINTER now! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Wow! Can we say FREEZING!?!? It is SO cold nowadays! It's hard for me to want to get up in the morning! I just want to stay in bed and cuddle with Elora=) I heard that it was going to snow in San Diego, but by the time the snow reaches the ground it will melt. Now that's COLD!  I don't think I could live in a cold state. As much as I hate Arizona's blazing summer's heat, I miss it right now!

I'm so excited to be in San Diego next week! We will be leaving on Friday the 18th and staying until the 27th. Long time, I know!!! I'm SO excited! I hope we get some sunny days there so I can take some photos. I have a few photo sessions that I plan on doing while I'm there. (newborn, engagement, wedding & family photos) 

Weekends should be 3 days long and the work week should be 4 days. That would be ideal! Who can I write to get that going? Obama? haha=) I love staying home with Elora everyday, BUT some days I really miss Brandon being home with us. He is SO good with her. I'm very lucky to have him as my Husband & the Father of my baby. I love him to pieces!

Brandon wants to get me an Iphone, why? I don't know. I'm not a fan of touchscreen phones because I text so much. But the features on the newest one sounds pretty appealing to me. I always use the internet on my phone. And it would be great to put my photos on there. I have a Samsung Blackjack right now and the video on it is HORRIBLE! I love taking videos of Elora and sending it to our family. So the new Iphone would be great to take clear crisp videos on the fly! We'll see if "Santa" gives it to me this year=)

Time to get the day started! Well at least TRY to.. It's too darn cold to do anything! And I'm NOT using that as an excuse, I promise! =)

Til next time...

Mommy A

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