Friday, November 20, 2009

Still rubbing my eyes in this a sham?

This morning when Brandon left for work I texted him to see if Elora woke up in the middle of the night. For some reason I just couldn't remember. Every night seems the same nowadays, she wakes up at 2:30am on the dot! To my surprise he texted me back and said "No, slept all night". WHAT?! I just couldn't believe it! She woke up around 7:15am this morning. She slept for 7 hours straight! YAY! Now.. can we please have a repeat of this EVERY night? I know I know, probably too much to ask right? haha.. I think we're on to something here! =)

I can't believe how fast she's growing! I can say that a million times, but really I CAN'T believe it! I'm so excited to have Grandmama & Grampa come visit us next Friday! Wee! My parents are coming on Friday & staying for the weekend. I know they miss Elora very much! Unfortunately, Brandon has to work on "Black Friday". Was hoping we could all go shopping together! Oh well, maybe we shouldn't go shopping since we don't really need anything. I'd rather not spend unnecessary money right now with Christmas right around the corner. We still need to go Christmas shopping! I'm thinking gift certificates all the way! I don't like shopping during this time of the year, the stores are jam packed. Too many germs to go around! Blah!

I'm sitting here, watching Elora sleep soundly in her swing and smiling =) warms my heart. This weekend on Sunday will be ONE YEAR that Brandon and I have been married! I can't believe it's already here! It must have went by fast since I was pregnant this whole year haha. I think we're keeping it low key this time around. We don't have anything planned, but it will still be special anyways. 

Elora gets her first shots on Monday! AH! I'm nervous for her! She's getting the Rotavirus & Dtap vaccines. We're doing our own vaccine schedule. We don't want all these chemicals pumped into her little body=( It's always good to do your research for everything! Especially something so critical like vaccines. 

It's funny when you become a parent. I never knew I could be so paranoid! The main thing I've learned so far from being a new Mommy is to trust your instincts. In the beginning I would always second guess myself (I still do at times) but I'm working on it! 

Happy Friday ya'll! Time to start the day with my baby girl! =)


Mommy A

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