Thursday, November 5, 2009

Laundry, dishes & MORE laundry!!

Holy moly! How does two people & one little one have so much laundry!? I feel like I'm always doing laundry! The only downfall to that is having to wait until after "peak hours" to do it so it's cheaper (Yes, I am very very thrifty!) So I have to wait until after 8pm to do laundry. By that time I'm tired and not in the mood! But it needs to get done. 

I don't think Brandon has ever initiated doing laundry since we've been together (That's almost 4 years!) He literally waits until he has NOTHING else to wear to think "oh I better do laundry". So I've pretty much taken over in that department. Now with Elora, I have to do her laundry separately. And this little one goes through onesies, sleepers, and little outfits daily! Sometimes I'll have really bad timing and she will pee as I'm changing her and it gets ALL over the place! People think boys are worse, but I think it's equally the same! Boys just shoot everywhere haha! I'm working on my timing though. I figured out that if I change her right before she eats, I'm good! No worries! Mommy has it down now! =)

I still need to finish cleaning out our closet. Just one more HUGE box of clothes to go through, then we'll be set! I love cleaning & organizing! Speaking of which, I better get going! It's almost noon and I have yet to get started!

Until tomorrow!

Mommy A

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