Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh baby!

So today I decided to be productive and clean out our closet! Wow what a chore! I didn't realize while I was pregnant how much clothes and junk we had sitting in our closet. Lucky Brandon is at work and doesn't have to embark on this adventure with me! So far I have two black trash bags full of clothes to donate to goodwill. I still have a HUGE box to go through. I've been cleaning as much as I can while Elora sleeps. The day is going by fast! 

I can't believe Elora is going to be 6 weeks old on Sunday! Where has the time gone? It's already going by fast, I can only imagine how much faster it's going to go. I'm trying to embrace every moment with her, even when she's a little grump butt=) We've had some good nights where she will sleep through the night. But lately, this week she's been waking up once throughout the night. It hasn't been too bad. She's sleeping in between Brandon & I right now, but we are going to start putting her in the bassinet next to our bed.

I am SO excited about our Christmas gift my Mom got us! We ordered a Canon Rebel XSi camera online yesterday! I know it's way early to be getting Christmas gifts, but we found an awesome deal online at We couldn't pass it up! We can't wait to play with it and take tons of photos of Elora babe=) We also got some lenses too that we get to play with! YAY! We should be getting it next week sometime. 

It pretty much took me all day to write this blog haha. In between Elora's feedings, changings and play time! Until tomorrow...

Mommy A

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