Sunday, October 2, 2011

{Introducing the newest addition to our growing family...Blu!}

Blu-Blu, as Elora and I like to call him is our new family member. After doing tons of research on the breed of cat we wanted, we finally found him. He is a purebred Balinese cat. There is a local breeder in Scottsdale that we found and we went over there to meet his Mom, Dad & siblings this past Wednesday, Sept 28th, the day after Elora's second Birthday. He is actually a gift from Grandmama for Elora's Birthday. She wanted to get her something BIG and we thought getting her a kitten to grow up with like Brandon had when he was a kid would be perfect. Plus, cats live a really long time. Brandon still has his cat "Harley" and he's 17 years old now and still kicking! Blu is two months old and Elora is two years old so it worked out perfectly! I was hesitant on getting a kitten because I'm not a huge fan of cats, BUT I am SO glad we got him. It's only been one day and I am absolutely IN LOVE with this little guy. He is the sweetest cat, ever! He loves to cuddle and loves attention. Elora is good with him too, which is great! I know he's still adjusting to his new home but we hope to make it an easy transition on him. He kisses a lot too, which is so odd to me! I never knew cats were this cuddly. As we await our even newest arrive, Babygirl Padilla #2, there are lots to tell but I will have to do it in another blog post. Chow for now! Time to cuddle=)

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