Sunday, October 30, 2011

{ Getting ready for baby }

Well, well.. Here I am at 40 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Holy moly, time has flown by! I was planning on working until I "popped" but I think baby had other plans. On Friday, I got to work and while I was chatting with some co-workers, I started feeling some contractions. They were strong enough to catch my attention. I informed my boss and co-workers of what I was feeling. I've been training my replacement for the past two weeks, so she should be good on her own now. I'm also a phone call away if they have any questions.

I called Brandon and told him what was going on so he left work right away and picked me back up. We headed home, I called Stephanie (midwife) and Rose (Doula) to let them know what I was feeling. Stephanie told me to keep her posted and Rose informed me that another Mom was in labor. I'm pretty sure baby wanted to wait for our wonderful Doula because as soon as we got home, things stopped. We laid down and napped for a good four hours. It felt good! We decided to wait and pick up Elora at her regular pick up time to take some alone time for us and relax. The house was so quiet. Almost too quiet.

It is now Sunday, October 30th and baby is still in my belly. I am definitely okay with that! Hoping tomorrow (Halloween) comes and goes. I'd rather not have my baby share her birthday with Halloween. My guess is November 1st, but we shall see how she feels about that. It's all in her hands now. I'm feeling pretty achy and I guess I'm not sleeping right because I wake up sore. I really need a massage, but I don't think that's going to happen before baby arrives.

I decided to stop working now. Friday was a wake up call for me. When I was getting the contractions, I felt super uncomfortable to be there. I didn't like the feeling at all. Staying home until baby arrives will give me some bonding time with Elora and maybe I can start packing some of our stuff, slowly. We will be moving at the end of November, hopefully to Chandler. We've been looking at rentals and found some good ones, but apparently it's pretty competitive out there right now when it comes to renting. So we will see. I have to stay positive and hope that everything will work out. I hope to continue blogging more as well. I love looking back at my posts to see what I was thinking/feeling at that time.

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