Monday, January 3, 2011

{Monday, Oh Monday!}

Back to the same ol' grind today! After the Holidays, it's hard to get back into the mix. But now it's time to get focused! Back to school tomorrow. I'm excited about what we're going to be learning. I'm in the Green Block now and it's all about business and other modalities to add into our practice. I love learning everyday! I even learn something new everyday at work too.

So excited for our good friends, the Goodans. They welcomed their sweet baby boy Dominic this morning. How perfect, a boy and a girl! I've always thought that if you have a boy and a girl, you will have good luck by your side for life. I wonder if Brandon and I will be as lucky? As long as baby is healthy and thriving, that's all that matters. I would like to keep it a surprise next time, but Brandon doesn't think we can hold off that long without knowing. We will see! (soon, maybe?) hehe =)

Last night I said to Brandon, "do you realize how much we've been through the past five years we've been together?" It's pretty crazy and yet we have overcome all the obstacles. Time seriously flies when you grow up!

I completed my Doula training with Nurturing Hearts Birth Services in November but I need to find the time to attend births to gain experience. With working full time and school, I'm not sure how I can do it. There's so much I want to do and accomplish.

Elora wants to play so I better get going. Until next time!

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