Sunday, July 11, 2010

{Multi-tasking is a must!}

Again.. it has been awhile since we have updated our blog. So much has been going on in our lives, we haven't had a moment to think about blogging. Thanks to my dearest friend Summer, I decided to post a quick blog for the night.

I finally got a job offer. While I should have been excited and grateful when I found out the news, I was sad..very, very sad. I really didn't picture this day coming. It's been a great 9 months of being at home with Elora, but it's time for mama to go back to work. When friends would ask "are you sure you're ready to go back?" I would hesitate. But because of this economy, I told myself (& my Mom) that if I DO end up getting this job then it was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason, while we may not know why right away, the answer will show up eventually.

Mother, wife, full-time work, full-time school, housekeeper & treasurer. The list is endless, but those are my priorities right now (not in any specific order). Talk about multi-tasking and keeping busy! My first day at work was this past Friday. Elora's first day of daycare. Wednesday was my third interview and they informed me they were making a decision that day. I got the call that evening at 4:30pm. I accepted the position then it hit me. My heart felt heavy and I felt like I was losing the job I love most, being a stay at home Mommy.

I cried A LOT on Thursday. It felt good to just cry. I didn't cry in front of Elora because I know she can see when I'm hurting. I cried alone and thought to myself, "it's going to be okay, this is meant to be". We found a great daycare for Elora and it's very close to my work and Brandon's work. Her name is Kathy and she runs a small daycare in her home. I called her references and everything said about her was excellent. I felt better about it. On Friday, I took Elora to Kathy's house and brought all of her stuff (food, diapers, wipes, essentials for her to get through her days). I didn't cry and Kathy reassured me that she would take excellent care of Elora. I gave Elora a kiss and hug good bye and I headed to work with my mind at ease, ready to take on any challenges with training for my new job.

Training went great! The day went by fast and I was so excited to pick up Elora and see how everything went. When I arrived, Kathy opened the door with Elora in her arms and said how good of a baby she is. She said she napped for two hours and played the rest of the time. We are so excited to have Kathy as her caregiver. We hope that Kathy will be part of our family and Elora can bond with her.

It's Sunday night and I need to get ready for Monday and a full day of work. It's weird working again, but I will get used to it slowly but surely. Brandon has been very supportive and understanding. This will be the first week tackling work and school. Wish my luck! I will keep you posted!

Mama A

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