Sunday, May 9, 2010

{First Mother's Day Celebration}

These past few days have been amazing! My parents came into town on Wednesday evening and just left this afternoon. It's my very 1st Mother's Day and I definitely take pride in that. It's a new Holiday added to my list to celebrate!

It felt so weird this morning when Brandon said "Happy Mother's Day Babe!" I loved it though. What an honor to become a new Mom. I have to thank my beautiful Daughter Elora for giving me the best gift of all, the title "Mom".

My Mom has never been pampered before. I have no idea why, she's just never been into getting her hair or nails done. She has never had a professional massage either! So for Mother's Day we took her to get a make-over from La Lou Salon in Scottsdale. I entered her into a make-over contest for Mother's Day and she was one of the three Moms chosen! She received highlights, a hair cut and make-up applied. She loved it! Something she could definitely get used to. We also got her a facial from my school, Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics It was so great because not only did she get her very first facial, but she also got to see my school in action.

Brandon gave me gift certificates from for Mother's Day. I got an hour & a half massage and my hair done! Ah, I LOVE being pampered! I also got a pedicure as well =)

This was such an amazing first Mother's Day for me. I will never forget it!

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