Monday, February 22, 2010

{Short but sweet visit to San Diego!}

Ah, we had such a good time in San Diego this past weekend! It sucks, it was only a day and a half, but we sure made the best out of it!

Brandon and I finally saw "Dear John" while Grandmama watched Elora. It was an awesome movie! Definitely a tear jerker, but I loved it! Brandon actually enjoyed it too! Elora did really well with Grandmama & Grandpa. They loved watching her! If only they lived closer=( Maybe one day we can buy them a house out here in AZ!

I also met with my tattoo guy, Bill Kiefer. He is awesome! I LOVE his work. You can check out his website at 
Bill has done two of my tattoos. My appointment is set for June 19th. Gives me more time to shape up!=) 

We went to my little cousin's birthday party on Saturday and we played Bingo and I won $100! We had to get a "black out". We were waiting for O66! Unexpected and exciting all at the same time! YAY!

I just entered Elora into a baby clothing casting call. We're going to need all our friends and family to vote for her once her photo and info is up and going. I will post the link next week! Stay tuned! =)


Mommy A

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