Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Circle of Life

It started one morning waking up from a fast slumber to Angela holding the pregnancy stick in her hand.  From that instance our life was for ever changed.  A new exciting feeling overcame me, one that I never felt before, something called fatherhood was now a reality and part of my life. 
We were already planning on getting pregnant so it wasn’t a huge shock… Heck we even came up with the names we liked and had already had the stroller purchased sitting boxed up in the computer room. 
At first we were thinking about which hospital would best suit us, we took a tour of Chandler regional and were in shock as the rooms were tiny, the equipment looked old and nasty and it was just a bad experience.  We interviewed some doula's and decided on Sandra, as we wanted to help her gain experience and she seemed to be the nicest and most down to earth of the other doula's.  Ultimately after several discussions we decided on having a home birth, but the thought of living far from any hospitals in Maricopa was the main concern for us.  We chose to go with Nurturing hearts in Mesa and met with Stephanie who made us feel comfortable in choosing to have Elora at home.
The actual home birth was an experience I’m sure neither Angela nor I will ever forget.  It wasn’t a typical hospital birth with sterile tools, re usable sheets and pads, and other such uncomfortable things.  It was more serene, being at home in our own environment was a relief.  Knowing we had Stephanie and Noelia there from nurturing hearts was very re assuring, and with Sandra our doula we had that extra level of security and comfort.  Angela started labor and we decided to wait to make any calls, but eventually a call had to be made.  We called Stephanie who sent out Noelia to check on Angela.  Sandra showed up also prior to Noelia arriving.  Stephanie showed up later when it was getting closer to the big moment and Angela started off in the birthing tub we had rented.  It turned out the thing wasn’t pumping hot water fast enough and the temp was dropping to an uncomfortable and unsafe level.  We all started boiling pots of water to pour in and recycle with the water in the tub to keep the temp up to a decent level but eventually it got to to be too much and Angela had to get out and try the birthing stool.  I remember the look on Angela’s face during her “birthing waves” It was a look of pain but not in a crazy way, I remember thinking “wow she’s really handling this well”…
Angela stayed on the birthing stool for awhile and Elora’s head started to emerge but then she would just slip right back in there after the contraction (birthing wave) subdued.  We were told to try and move to the bed, so after doing so Angela tried on her hands and knees on the bed but Elora just kept going back after each contraction.  Flipping Angela on her back was the best decision, although not the most ideal as we learned in birthing class that being on your back is the hardest to push the baby out due to your pelvic bone acting as a restriction.  After hours of waiting Angela with the help of us all was able to give birth to our beautiful daughter Elora.  She was big too! 10lbs 1oz!!
I remember the amazing feeling once Elora was born that feeling you get when you get that new toy as a child, the toy you’ve wanted forever it seemed and now you have it! It was the same way with me and Elora, she was here and now we were a complete family.  Angela, Elora and I…
The three musketeers.
Now as Elora is growing older (almost 7 months) I’m amazed how much she’s grown and how she interacts with us now.  Every time I look at her I think to myself “we made this, she’s a part of us and she will be a part of us forever”
Now we just have the fun parts to look forward to, toddler years, pre-teen and teenage years, her wedding, her having kids and Angela and I being grandparents… Wow what a thought

As the circle of life goes on…

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