Friday, January 8, 2010

Another trip to SD....

TGIF! We are leaving to San Diego for the weekend (again) today after Brandon gets off of work. We were originally going there to be contestants on The Price is Right, BUT we changed our minds. We were reading a lot about it online and it just seems more of a hassle then fun. Plus, the show is on Monday in Los Angeles and we have to head back to AZ on Monday. Too much driving = TIRED!

It will be nice to see our family, even though it's only been a week and a half since we last saw them! I'm actually going to take Brandon out tomorrow for the day while my Mom watches Elora. We haven't had a real date since she was born. We have to keep the spark flying, so to speak haha=) I was thinking of seeing Avatar in 3D, then go to Balboa Park & walk around and check out a few museums. Then maybe go to Seaport Village. We'll see how it plays out tomorrow. We didn't get to celebrate our one year wedding Anniversary in November, so I want to make up for it. 

I think I'm officially addicted to Facebook. AH! It's my only way of staying in touch with the rest of the world while I'm taking care of Elora. She is such a good baby. We're truly blessed! She sleeps through the night and only cries when she's tired or hungry (or sometimes gassy haha). 

I better get going.. I still have to pack for the 3 of us! Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time!

Mommy A

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